Selected List of Performed and Recorded Works
inc. location of first performance

2019 Zazel, for narrator

2019 The Dream of Haim, for vocal octet (SSAATTBB), Tel Aviv

2018 Per aequa et iniqua, for 8 saxophones, Boston

2018 The Inner Bird – for Saxophone and a drum set, Tel Aviv, Boston

2018 Comping the Empty Wheel for piano solo, Boston

2017 Streaming through July 4th  - elec. + video

2017 Untempered Steel Voices, for sop. sax, spoke protector metallophone and elec. piano, Boston

2014 Regrounded, HaTeiva, Tel Aviv

2014 Noise to Voice – Song to Paradigm – video, presented at Ben-Gurion University, Israel

2013 freeDDialogue Baroda, India - elec. + video

2013 De Profundis, HaTeiva, Tel Aviv

2012 Tres Muertes, Tel Aviv

2011 HaSijon HaDu-Leumi Shelanu – elec. + video

2010 The Sleepwalkers, elec. Baroda, Delhi, India

2009 Funes el Memorioso, Tel Aviv

2008 CUT, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

2005 The Drama Teacher (for the Haifa Municipal Theater)

2005 The Censor (for the Haifa Municipal Theater)

2005 Jacob the Liar (for the Haifa Municipal Theater)

2004 Kundalini, New York, Washington DC, USA; Tokyo, Japan

2004 Both of Me, Washington DC, USA

2003 Over the Line, Assisi Italy; Kiyev, Ukraine; Chengdu, China

2003 It was a Dream, Bologna, Italy