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A musical dance performance by Miriam Engel and Igal Myrtenbaum, inspired by a story by Igal Myrtenbaum.

Zazel, the stage name of Rosa Matilda Richter, was a performer in a traveling circus who every evening was ejected from the muzzle of a cannon.


"She learned to fall before she knew how to walk. Rosa Matilda, 'La Petite Lulu', did not know how to cry, until at the age of 14 she flew at a speed of 120 km/h. The human body is not built to be ejected from a cannon, and no one expected her to make a career out of it. But Rosa Matilda Richter was the first, so they say."


A virtuoso work, between sanity and insanity, between the private and the public, between the maiden and death, between control and the illusion that accompanies it.

Last Cigarette


A Theater play by Homemade Ensemble

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